SafeCityWatch Ltd. Providing you with a safe environment.

Preventing Crime . . . not just Detecting Crime after the event. Zero Tolerance in Reality.

Providing ID-APR™

ID-APR - IDentifying by Automated Person Recognition - uses the most up-to-date facial biometrics and analytics technology along with sophisticated surveillance cameras which identify facial features and to match them with facial features stored in relevant databases.


Most people have heard of ANPR - Automated Number Plate Recognition: this now brings that recognised and well-used system to the recognition of human beings.


This image-capture and matching is managed and operated in full compiance with the UK Data Protection Act.


Foren-SEEK™ enables you to provide a more secure environment for customers and staff by identifying persons who have been a threat and preventing the opportunity of a crime beinig committed.


Operating 24hrs a day 7 days a week it never requires a day off.


Using Facial Biometric state-of-the-art technology Foren-SEEK™ saves businesses money with reduced onsite security door staff.



Foren-SEARCH™ provides both an off-site and on-site solution to searching for post-event incidents. Facial images are searched and matched with the CCTV footage.

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